Upho Urban Photo Festival Opening

UPHO Festival started last Saturday the exposition of photographies in the streets of the neighbourhood of Lagunillas. This festival will go on until the 29th of May. All the structures and photographies will be set up for the visitors next week. Some Indoor expositions and cultural or educative activities in this neighbourhood are also in the Festival program.


16/05/2016 – The opening ceremony was attended by all European partners who have been part of Urban Layers program in Lecce, Thessaloniki and Malaga respectively. Luigi Spedicato, director of the Department of Sociology at the University of Salento, Alexandra Athanasiadou, director of the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki, Gabriella Guerci, director of MUFOCO, Matteo Balduzi, curator of MUFOCO, Beatrice Bambi, Valerio Nicoletti and Andrea Laudisa of Bitume Photofest; Mati Jhurri, assistant of the artist Adrian Paci; the Brazilian Hispanic artist and UPHO Residencies program participant, Angelica Dass; the direction of the festival with Cecilio Rodriguez as Project Manager and Antonella Montinaro as artistic director, and some students of the EAM Workshop.


Among other disciplines of the festival, more than 40 photographs will be exhibited in large format on the streets of the neighborhoods of Lagunillas, Cruz Verde and El Ejido. The central theme of the festival is ” Identity Flows”, the identity flowing addressing identity from different perspectives from family to religion or race… The festival has the sponsorship and collaboration of the Albanian artist Adrian Paci, whose work is located at the confluence of Lagunillas with Vital Aza, at Lagunillas Street, 20. In addition, the artist will show his work within the three festivals of Urban Layers. On the other hand, in the festival they have called several calls that led to the various categories of the exhibition shed within UPHO Festival: UPHO | Residencies, UPHO | Projects and UPHO | Photowall.


The UPHO programs | Residencies and UPHO | Projects have been carried out by an international call for Urban Layers where artists were selected by an international scientific committee to participate in the three festivals of the project: UPHO Festival in Malaga, the Photobiennale in Thessaloniki and the Bitume Photofest in Lecce.


The category UPHO | Residencies has seven selected artists for a residency program in Gibellina, in collaboration with the Fondazione Orestiadi, held in April, where they would work on the projects presented in line with the central theme of the festival and produce their works. These seven international top artists are Angelica Dass, Simone Sapienza, Stratis Vogiatzis, Zamir Suleymanov, Claudio Beorchia, Federica Bardelli and Alex Piacentini. All these projects will be presented in site specific structures designed by students of the School of Architecture of the UMA and they will be located at  Plaza de la Merced, Plaza del Teatro Cervantes and Plaza de la Esperanza.


Within UPHO | Projects, Urban Layers selected 10 international artists to exhibit at these three festivals. There are 10 artists with experience and renowned internationally as Jorge Fuembuena, Carlos Alba, Anne Euler, Ekaterina Vasilyeva or Alessia Rollo. This program count also with the support of Adrian Paci and his project The Caduta which addresses the redefinition of identity in migration processes. In this category, projects will be exhibited in large format canvases on walls of buildings located at Cobertizo del Conde, Coto Doñana, Victoria and Esperanza. These streets structures will be riding along these days.


About UPHO | Photowall, you can visit the streets of the neighborhood. It is an independent exhibition program, where UPHO Festival has selected 23 Andalusian artists to exhibit their photographs wallpaper in the streets of Lagunillas. They are emerging artists with some experience at local and regional level to serve as an overview of the Andalusian art scene. A good example are artists like Soliman Lopez, Carlos Canal, Hanna Quevedo, Cyro Garcia and David Burbano.


The various exhibition categories will be until 29 May in the streets of the neighborhood. In addition, UPHO is a cross festival with a great educational involvement. Within the category UPHO | Education, the university extension course Fundamentals of Architecture and Photography offered by the School of Architecture of the UMA where students participate in the making of structures. It’s also offered in the festival, the photography course held along with Leo Simoes at School Photography Apertura. There also had been international lectures that took place at at the School of Architecture last week, one of them with Matteo Balduzzi, curator of MUFOCO, and the other one with the artist Angelica Dass.


In other way, UPHO Festival features parallel activities within UPHO | Activities that will take place next weekend as the photographic and poetry show by Violeta Niebla, the screening of a documentary dedicated to the Lagunillas neighborhood and Miguel Chamorro at the Center of Hispano Moroccan Studies, and even a photo marathon the next day May 28th in collaboration with the local journal Sur. There will also be exhibitions in UPHO | Indoor in different spaces. Example of this are Edit Profile, a group exhibition opened last Friday, where we can see the pictures of David Montosa, Antonio Navarro and Juan Carlos Martinez or the Lola Guerrera exposition at the Mercado de la Merced.


UPHO Festival aims to integrate photography on citizenship and territory that’s why they’re carrying out exhibitions and activities where visitors will have the opportunity to interact and to be part of the project. This festival has the support of institutions like the City of Malaga and the Department for Culture of the University of Malaga, collaborations such as La Térmica that supports UPHO | Photowall, Hispano Moroccan Studies Center, Los Interventores Collective, Cienfuegos Space, the Apertura School of Photography and the University of Malaga  School of Architecture.


UPHO Festival, Urban Photo Festival
from 14th to 29th May 2016

Free enter, timetable depending on the space.


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