Urban Layers is an European Project about photography in the public space, whose aims are:
— bringing contemporary art to a wider audience;
— promoting photographic research and supporting emerging artists.

Urban Layers consists of:
— a Residency Program in Gibellina (Sicily) for 6 artists selected upon open call;
— three Urban Photo–festivals in the cities of Málaga, Θεσσαλονίκη (Thessaloniki), Lecce;
— a final conference in Cinisello Balsamo with the publication of the catalogue;
— a scientific research on the art consumption by general audience.

Each Photo–festival will display:
— an itinerant exhibition composed by the Residency Program’s results;
— photographic projects selected upon open call;
— a site–specific installation by internationally renowned artist Adrian Paci.

Read the Project Statement and the Research Framework


UPHO Urban Photo Festival
Málaga (E)

UPHO FESTIVAL is a public cultural activity that welcomes contemporary photographic discipline and whose objectives include to achieve exhibit photo in a format comparable to the work of public art and adapted to the urban context. To ensure carrying out this primary function, large pictures and strong visual impact, capable of engage the public –not necessarily conscious and specific knowledge– are distributed in the urban fabric, offering many opportunities to contact with the fine art photograph and encouraging the public to take an active part in the cultural life of their territory.


Θεσσαλονίκη (Thessaloniki, GR)

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography organizes an International Photography Festival (the PhotoBiennale) every two years, which is an evolution of an annual photography festival (entitled Photosynkyria) which has been running for twenty years. Last PhotoBiennale (2014) with “Logos” (Discourse) being the topic of the main exhibition program was the third part of a thematic trilogy, following “Time” (Chronos – 2008) and “Place” (Topos – 2010-2011). The international meeting includes exhibitions presented in museums, galleries and other exhibitions spaces all over the city of Thessaloniki as well as in other Greek cities, in collaboration with public and private organizations. Apart from the Main Program, the event encompasses parallel events and activities such as Portfolio Reviews and the Cedefop/Photomuseum international photography award related to the topic of work and photography. On the European photography festival circuit, the PhotoBiennale is situated between the Photobiennale in Moscow and PhotoEspana in Madrid. It is a member of “Festival of Light”, an international collaboration of photography festivals around the world.


Bitume Photofest
Lecce (I)

BITUME PHOTOFEST is the first urban festival of contemporary photography in South Italy. It started in 2014 and it now features two previous editions, in which several international artists were exhibited both in outdoor and indoor locations. Artists are selected upon invite or via an open call. The festival gathers a broad audience, mixing professional photographers to passersby. The format combines exhibitions and display modes to workshops and entertainment moments, binding photography to other media, such us contemporary dance, theatre and publishing. Featured artists include: Thomas Sauvin, Ren Hang, Gregg Segal, Lucas Foglia, Robert Herman, Anna Di Prospero, Allegra Martin, Giorgio Barrera, Michele Cera, Gianpaolo Arena.